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Cours offerts (Génie biomedical)

BIOM5202 (BMG5202) Wavelet Applications in Biomedical Image Processing (Carleton CRN: 18309)
ELG5123 (EACJ5303) Health Care Engineering (Carleton CRN: 37114)
Overview of health care system participants; biophysical measurements for diagnosis/monitoring; biomedical sensors/technology; telemedicine and applications; safety considerations; managing medical technologies/funding models for clinical engineering depatelevision, facsimile.
Proper background and approval from the instructor.
ELG6131X (SYSC5301X) Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering: Biological Signal Acquistion and Modeling (Carleton CRN: 15912)
Modeling of neuromuscular biological signals, including transmembrane cell potential, single fiber action potentials, motor unit action potentials, and myoelectric signals. Measurement of biological signals, effects of electrode size and configuration. Time domain, frequency domain, and adaptive filtering techniques for noise reduction.
SYSC5301Y (ELG6131Y) Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering: Interactive Networked Systems and Telemedicine (Carleton CRN: 15913)
Telemanipulator, networked mobile robot, human motoring and sensory capability, typical interface device, visual and haptic rendering, remote control scheme, predictive technique, delay compensation, force feedback, stability and transparency, fusion of human and machine intelligence, real-time protocols and networking, data transmission and compression, history and challenges of telemedicine, and telemedicine applications: telesurgery, tele-monitoring, tele-diagnosis and tele-homecare .
SYSC5301Z (ELG6131Z) Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering: Ethics, Research Methods and Standards for Biomedical Engineers (Carleton CRN: 38154)
Ethical theories, ethical decision-making, codes; human and animal experimentation, consent, practices of ethical review boards; research methods and regulations for design, manufacture, certification of medical devices; data collection, management, analysis, including security, confidentiality, privacy; bioethical dilemmas, impact of technology and research (social, political, financial).
SYSC5302 (ELG6320) Principles and Design of Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation (Carleton CRN: 18307)
Principles of physiological measurements and related instrumentation with particular applications to cardiology, lung function, cerebral and muscle signals, surgery and anaesthesiology, ultrasound measurements, and critical care for infants.
Permission of the instructor
ELG5127 (SYSC5304) Medical Image Processing (Carleton CRN: 18308)