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Cours offerts (Communication informatique, systèmes distribués et multimédia)

ELG5199 (EACJ5104) Design of Multimedia Distributed Database Systems (Carleton CRN: 18452)
Database concepts and architectures. Data modelling. Relational technology and distributed databases. Examples of the new generation of databases for advanced applications such as multimedia information retrieval, VOD and the limitations of the conventional models for managing multimedia information (graphics, text, image, audio and video).
ELG5121 (EACJ5107) Multimedia Communications (Carleton CRN: 37124)
Introduction, applications, standards. Networking technologies. Image, video, and audio compression. Quality of service and resource management. Scheduling issues for real-time MM transport. Multimedia synchronization. Multimedia and the Internet. Multimedia conferencing. Multimedia to the home. Satellites and multimedia. Multimedia applications.
ELG5120 (EACJ5200) Queuing Systems (Carleton CRN: 38225)
Resource sharing issues: delay, throughput and queue length. Basic queueing theory, Markov chains, birth and death processes. M/M/m/k/n queues, bulk arrival/service systems. Little's Rule. Intermediate queueing theory: M/G/1, G/M/m queues. Advanced queueing theory: G/G/m queue, priority queue, network of queues, etc. Queueing applications. Precludes additional credit for SYSC 5107 (ELG 6117).
One of ELG 5119, SYSC 5003, SYSC 5503, or the equivalent.
ELG5122 (EACJ5202) Modelling, Analysis and Performance Evaluation in Computer Communications (Carleton CRN: 18379)
Network performance issues and their mathematical analysis techniques. Intermittently available server model, probing and tree search, delay cycle, switch/network topology and reliability. Analysis of controlled and random access methods, routing allocation/control, topological design. Selected topics from current literature on various network applications.
ELG 5120 (EACJ5200), ELG 5374 (EACJ5607), or SYSC5201 (ELG 6121), or the equivalent.
ELG5126 (EACJ5206) Source Coding and Data Compression (Carleton CRN: 17140)
Discrete and continuous sources. Discrete sources: Huffman coding and run length encoding. Continuous sources: waveform construction coding; PCM, DPMC, delta modulation, speech compression by parameter extraction; predictive encoding; image coding by transformation and block quantization. Fourier and Walsh transform coding. Applications to speech, television, facsimile.
SYSC5503 (ELG 6153) or ELG 5119 (EACJ5109 or the equivalent. Precludes credit for SYSC5607 (ELG 6167)
ELG5369 (EACJ5605D) Internetworking Technologies (Carleton CRN: 35146)
IP Based Internet Technologies: Internet architecture and its protocols. Software/hardware requirements for quality of service (QoS), Integrated services. Scheduling. Fair queueing. Traffic and admission control algorithms. Differentiated services. Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and associated software/hardware design issues. Fast internet protocol (IP), asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), internet protocol (IP) over synchronous optical network (SONET), wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), satellite implementations.
ELG7177E (EACJ5605E) Topics in Communications I: Survivable Optical Networks (Carleton CRN: 17204)
Optical networks design with emphasis on network survivability. Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), wavelength conversion, optical switch architectures, routing and wavelength assignment algorithms, IP over WDM, optical network protocols, optical network control architectures, protection and restoration, spare capacity allocation, survivable routing, design and performance evaluation.
ELG 5374 (Computer Communication) or its equivalent
ELG7178B (EACJ5606B) Topics in Communications II: Networked Appliances, Home Networking, and Pervasive Computing (Carleton CRN: 37173)
ELG7178D (EACJ5606D) Topics in Communications II: Network Security (Carleton CRN: 17280)
Advanced methodologies selected from symmetric and public key cryptography, network security protocols and infrastructures, identification, secret sharing, anonymity, intrusion detection, firewalls, defending network attacks, and performance in communication networks.
ELG7178F (EACJ5606F) Topics in Communications II: Wireless Ad-Hoc Networking (Carleton CRN: 35900)
ELG5374 (EACJ5607) Computer Communication Networks (Carleton CRN: 38226)
Network applications, structures and their design issues. Resource sharing/access methods. Network transmission and switching techniques. OSI model. Error control, flow control and various issues related to the physical, data link, and network layers. Local area networks. Performance issues of delay throughput in various protocols.
an undergraduate course in probability and statistics such as MAT 2377.
SYSC5201 (ELG6121) Computer Communications (Carleton CRN: 18166)
Computer network types, introductory queueing theory and performance analysis. OSI layereing and BISDN layering modifications. Data link layer. Local area networks and random access (CSMA- CD, switched ethernet, token ring, wireless LAN). Public networks. IP networks, addressing, routing. Transport layer, flow control. Introduction to ISDN.
Undergraduate preparation in probability theory equivalent to 69.352.
SYSC5207 (ELG6127) Distributed System Engineering (Carleton CRN: 35910)
Techniques for representing distributed systems: precedence graphs, petrinets, communicating state-machines etc. Processes, threads, synchronization and interprocess communication techniques, RPC. Protocol: OSI model, application and presentation layers. Middleware for client-server application management, CORBA. Resource management: processor allocation and load sharing. Real-time issues and scheduling.
Permission of the Department.
SYSC5306 (ELG6136) Mobile Computing Systems (Carleton CRN: 14329)
Systems to build mobile applications. Covers data link layer to application layer. Emphasis on existing wireless infrastructure and IETF protocols. Focuses on view of mobile application developer: communication systems, middleware and application frameworks,de-facto standards proposed/developed by industry consortia.
SYSC5403 (ELG6143) Network Access Techniques (Carleton CRN: 38005)
Principles of network access technologies, broadband access. Physical channel characterization, the physical impairments caused by noise, interference and channel imperfections. Recent coding, modulation and multiplexing strategies. High-speed transmission over twisted pair channels, wireless multi-path fading channels, optical fibers and co-axial media.
SYSC5502 (ELG6152) Advanced Linear Systems (Carleton CRN: 38006)
Modelling and state space realization. Review of signals and systems. Solutions to the matrix DE. Discrete time systems and the Z transform. Canonical representations and transformations. Controllability, observability, and controller and observer design. LQR design amd the Kalman filter. Numerous examples and applications.
SYSC5800 (ELG6180) Network Computing (Carleton CRN: 15914)
Design and Java implementation of distributed applications that use telecommunication networks as their computing platform. Basics of networking: Java networking facilities. Introduction to open distributed processing: CORBA, Java1DL, JavaRMI, CGI/HTTP, DCOM, Componentware; Enterprise JavaBeans, ActiveX. Agents: Java code mobility facilities. Security issues; Java security model.
SYSC5801A (ELG6181A) Advanced Topics in Computer Communications: Issues in the Design of Fast Networking Algorithms (Carleton CRN: 35911)
The course discusses an interdisciplinary systems approach to the design of fast networking algorithms for implementing high-speed networking elements and applications. Topics covered in this course are: protocol implementation principles, data copying techniques, control transfer, traffic measurements, and security in network algorithms. An example of network processors will be covered.
SYSC 5201 or ELG5374
SYSC5801B (ELG6181B) Advanced Topics in Computer Communications: Network Routing (Carleton CRN: 15915)
Advanced Network Routing Technologies: Routing; label switching: system components and architecture, and relationships to constraint-based routing, signaling and related protocols; quality of service; traffic engineering; virtual private networks, and related advanced topics.
SYSC5801C (ELG6181C) Advanced topics in computer communications: Planning and Design of Telecommunications Networks
Planning process of computer networks; needs and technical requirements; modeling of different network planning problems; exact and approximative algorithms; planning and expansion problems; equipment (switch, router) location problem; approximative and optimal routing algorithms; presentation of various case studies.
ELG6181F (SYSC5801F) Advanced Topics in Computer Communications: Performance Analysis Methods for Broadband Networks (Carleton CRN: 35911)
ELG6181G (SYSC5801G) Advanced Topics in Computer Communications: Issues in the Design of Fast Networking Algorithms (Carleton CRN: 38210)
SYSC5801H (ELG6181H) Advanced Topics in Computer Communications: Multimedia Compression, Scalability, and Adaptation (Carleton CRN: 18361)
ELG6181W (SYSC5801W) Advanced Topics in Computer Communications: Advanced Network Routing Technologies (Carleton CRN: 15915)