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Cours offerts (Conception assisté par ordinateur (CAO) des circuits électroniques)

ELG5195 (EACJ5705) Digital Logic Design: Principles and Practices (Carleton CRN: 18371)
Switching algebra. Combinational circuit design including PLA and MSI techniques. Special properties-symmetric functions, unate functions, threshold functions, functional decomposition. Sequential circuits-state reduction, incompletely specified machines, state assignments and series-parallel decomposition. Fundamental mode sequential circuits-race, hazards, and state assignment. Semicustom and MSI design. Special sequential circuits.
ELEC5404 (ELG6344) Neural Networks for High-Speed/High-Frequency Circuit Design (Carleton CRN: 15907)
Introduction to neural network methodologies for computer-aided design of high-speed/high-frequency circuits, including modeling of passive and active devices/circuits, and their applications in high-level design and optimization in wired and wireless electronic systems.
ELEC5506 (ELG6356) Simulation and Optimization of Electronic Circuits (Carleton CRN: 17081)
Introduction to computer simulation and optimization of electrical circuits. Time- and frequency-domain formulations for sensitivity analysis and optimization. Optimization techniques for performance-, cost- and yield-driven design of electronic circuits. Optimization approaches to modelling and parameter extraction of active and passive elements.
ELEC5508 (ELG6358) Computer Methods for Analysis & Design of VLSI Circuits (Carleton CRN: 38219)
Formulation of circuit equations. Sparse matrix techniques. Frequency and time-domain solutions. Relaxation techniques and timing analysis. Noise and distortion analysis. Transmission line effects. Interconnect analysis and crosstalk simulation. Numerical inversion techniques. Asymptotic waveform estimation. Mixed frequency/time domain techniques. Sensitivity analysis.
ELEC5704 (ELG6374) Advanced Topics in CAD: Simulation of Optical Fibre (Carleton CRN: 15908)
Recent advanced topics in Computer Aided Design (CAD). The subject material vary from year to year according to research interests in the departments. Students may be expected to contribute to lectures or seminars on selected topics
Permission of the Department.
ELEC5704X (ELG6374X) Advanced Topics in CAD: Signal Integrity in High-Speed Design (Carleton CRN: 15908)
ELEC5704Y (ELG6374Y) Advanced Topics in CAD: Methodologies for Digital RF Design (Carleton CRN: 35918)