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Cours offerts (Circuits intégrés et dispositifs)

ELG7132D (EACJ5006D) Advanced Topics in Electronics I: Simulation of Radio Frequency Circuits (Carleton CRN: 38370)
Formulation of circuit equations in the time-domain. Periodic and Quasi-Periodic wavefforms. Frequency-domain methods for finding periodic time-domain solution: Volterra Series and Harmonic balance. Time-Domain methods for computing periodic steady-state solution. Steady-state analysis for circuits excited by quasi-periodic inputs. Mixed frequency/time-domain methods
ELEC5503 (ELG6353) Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design (Carleton CRN: 12897)
Integrated radio front-end component design, with emphasis on a bipolar process. Overview of radio systems, discussion of frequency response, gain, noise, linearity, intermodulation, image rejection, impedance matching, stability, and power dissipation. Detailed design of low-noise amplifiers, mixers, oscillators and power amplifiers. Design alternatives through the use of on-chip inductors and baluns. The impact of process variations,parasitics, and packaging. Simulation issues and techniques.
ELEC5509 (ELG6359) Integrated Circuit Technology (Carleton CRN: 33637)
Survey of technology used in silicon VLSI integrated circuit fabrication. Crystal growth and crystal defects. Oxidation, diffusion, ion implantation and annealing, gettering, CVD, etching, materials for metallization and contacting, and photolithography. Structures and fabrication techniques required for submicron MOSFETs. Applications in advanced CMOS processes.
ELEC5705X (ELG6375X) Advanced Topics in VLSI: Synthesizer Design (Carleton CRN: 14266)
Permission of the Department.
ELEC5707 (ELG6377) Microelectronic Sensors (Carleton CRN: 18370)
Fabrication and physical principles of operation of microelectronic sensors. A large variety of sensors will be studied and the basic fabrication methods used in their production reviewed. The devices discussed will include optical sensors, fiber optic sensors, magnetic sensors, temperature sensors and, briefly, chemical sensors.
ELEC5804 (ELG6384) VLSI Design (Carleton CRN: 33641)
An IC design course with a strong emphasis on design methodology, to be followed by 97.585 in the swecond term. The design philosophies considered will include Full Custom design, standard cells, gate-arrays and sea-of-gates using CMOS and BiCMOS technology. State-of-the-art computer-aided design tools are used.
ELEC5808 (ELG6388) Signal Processing Electronics (Carleton CRN: 34634)
CCDs, transversal filters, recursive filters, switched capacitor filters, with particular emphasis on integration of analog signal processing techniques in monolithic MOS ICs. Detailed op amp design in CMOS technology. Implications of nonideal op amp behaviour in filter performance. Basic sampled data concepts.