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Courses offered (Photonic Systems)

ELG5103 (EACJ5201) Optical Communications Systems (Carleton CRN: 17194)
Optical communication system concepts and basic characteristics. Optical transmitters. Optical detection. Optical noise sources and their mathematical models. Noncoherent (direct) detection: system model, direct detection of intensity modulation, application of photo-multiplication, optimal post-detection processing, and subcarrier systems. Coherent detection: heterodyne receivers, the field matching problem and receiver performance. Optical binary digital system, single-mode binary and heterodyne binary systems. Block coded digital optical communication systems: PPM, PAM, PSK, and FSK signalling. Integration of device technology and system architecture. Selected topics in optical communication networking.
ELG 5119 or SYSC5503, and ELG 5375 or SYSC5504, or the equivalent.
ELG7100E (EACJ5404E) Topics in Electromagnetics I: Microwave Photonics (Carleton CRN: 17145)
Optical components for microwave photonics applications. Radio over fiber systems. Photonic true time delay phased array beamforming networks. Optical generation of microwave signals. Optical domain microwave filtering. All-optical microwave signal up- and down-conversions. Photonic digital conversions.
ELG7178C (EACJ5606C) Photonics Networks (Carleton CRN: 37173)
Photonic Networks: Optical network architecture. Space switch architectures. Static networks. Wavelength routed networks. Linear lightwave networks. Multihop networks. Point-to-point and multipoint. Multiplexing and multiple access schemes. Scheduling. Capacity allocation. Static and dynamic routing. Channel assignment. Logical vs physical topologies. Survivability. Protection and restoration techniques.
ELEC5702 (ELG6372) Optical Electronics (Carleton CRN: 18372)
Electromagnetic wave propagation in crystals; review of geometric optics; Gaussian beam propagation; optical fibres; dielectric waveguides for optical integrated circuits; optical resonators; optical properties of materials; theory of laser oscillation; specific laser systems; electro-optic modulators; photorefractive materials and applications; holography; optical interconnects.
ELEC5705Y (ELG6375) Advanced Topics in VLSI: CMOS Digital ICs (Carleton CRN: 14267)
Permission of the Department.
ELEC5705Z (ELG6375) Advanced Topics in VLSI: Nonlinear Circuits (Carleton CRN: 15991)
Nonlinear Circuit Design for Data Communications : Analytical techniques suitable for analysis of LNAs, mixers, modulators, demodulators, oscillators, and phase-locked loops. Performance parameters: gain, noise. Examples of transistor circuits in telecom transcievers. Symbolic manipulation programs such as Mathematica and its RF design extension. SPICE and harmonic balance simulators.
Permission of the Department.
ELEC5708 (ELG6378) ASICs in telecommunications (Carleton CRN: 33640)
Modern ASIC technologies for Telecom will be introduced. Circuit level building blocks for typical wireline and wireless applications will be overviewed. Both analog and digital circuits will be considered. A topical literature study, circuit level design exercises and take home final exam will be required.
ELEC5709W (ELG6379W) Advanced Topics in Electromagnetics: Photonic Components (Carleton CRN: 14843)
Optical wave propagation in guiding structures and introduction to Coupled-mode theory. Mathematical description and practical implementations will be given for common passive photonic devices used for routing, filtering, and signal processing. The course will cover directional couplers, fused biconical taper couplers and splitters, wavelength filters (using gratings and thin film filters), Mach-Zehnder interferometers, Arrayed waveguide gratings, and dispersion compensators.