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Courses offered by the Department of Electronics

ELEC5404 (ELG6344) Neural Networks for High-Speed/High-Frequency Circuit Design (Carleton CRN: 15907)
Introduction to neural network methodologies for computer-aided design of high-speed/high-frequency circuits, including modeling of passive and active devices/circuits, and their applications in high-level design and optimization in wired and wireless electronic systems.
ELEC5503 (ELG6353) Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design (Carleton CRN: 12897)
Integrated radio front-end component design, with emphasis on a bipolar process. Overview of radio systems, discussion of frequency response, gain, noise, linearity, intermodulation, image rejection, impedance matching, stability, and power dissipation. Detailed design of low-noise amplifiers, mixers, oscillators and power amplifiers. Design alternatives through the use of on-chip inductors and baluns. The impact of process variations,parasitics, and packaging. Simulation issues and techniques.
ELEC5506 (ELG6356) Simulation and Optimization of Electronic Circuits (Carleton CRN: 17081)
Introduction to computer simulation and optimization of electrical circuits. Time- and frequency-domain formulations for sensitivity analysis and optimization. Optimization techniques for performance-, cost- and yield-driven design of electronic circuits. Optimization approaches to modelling and parameter extraction of active and passive elements.
ELEC5508 (ELG6358) Computer Methods for Analysis & Design of VLSI Circuits (Carleton CRN: 38219)
Formulation of circuit equations. Sparse matrix techniques. Frequency and time-domain solutions. Relaxation techniques and timing analysis. Noise and distortion analysis. Transmission line effects. Interconnect analysis and crosstalk simulation. Numerical inversion techniques. Asymptotic waveform estimation. Mixed frequency/time domain techniques. Sensitivity analysis.
ELEC5509 (ELG6359) Integrated Circuit Technology (Carleton CRN: 33637)
Survey of technology used in silicon VLSI integrated circuit fabrication. Crystal growth and crystal defects. Oxidation, diffusion, ion implantation and annealing, gettering, CVD, etching, materials for metallization and contacting, and photolithography. Structures and fabrication techniques required for submicron MOSFETs. Applications in advanced CMOS processes.
ELEC5605 (ELG6365) Optical Fiber Communications (Carleton CRN: 34416)
Transmission characteristics of and design considerations for multi-mode and single-mode optical fibre waveguides; materials, structures, and device properties of laser light sources; properties and performance of p-i-n and avalanche photodiodes; types of optical fiber signal formats, preamplifier topologies, noise, receiver sensitivity, transmitter design, link design.
ELEC5606 (ELG6366) Phase-Locked Loops and Receiver Synchronizers (Carleton CRN: 34417)
Phase-locked loops: components, fundamentals, stability, transient response, sinusoidal operation, noise performance, tracking, acquisition and optimization. Receiver synchronizers: carrier synchronizers including squaring loop, Costas loop, and remodulator for BPSK, QPSK BER performance; clock synchronizers including early late-gate, in-phase/midphase, and delay line multiplier.
ELEC5607 (ELG6367) Antennas and Arrays (Carleton CRN: 33638)
Design projects are interspersed with live and video lectures. Lectures cover definitions, wire structures, mutual coupling, method-of-moments, array theory, photonic devices, frequency independent structures, reflectors, horns, feeds, slotted waveguide and microstrip arrays. Design projects include a printed dipole, yagi and series-fed microstrip patch array.
ELEC5702 (ELG6372) Optical Electronics (Carleton CRN: 18372)
Electromagnetic wave propagation in crystals; review of geometric optics; Gaussian beam propagation; optical fibres; dielectric waveguides for optical integrated circuits; optical resonators; optical properties of materials; theory of laser oscillation; specific laser systems; electro-optic modulators; photorefractive materials and applications; holography; optical interconnects.
ELEC5704 (ELG6374) Advanced Topics in CAD: Simulation of Optical Fibre (Carleton CRN: 15908)
Recent advanced topics in Computer Aided Design (CAD). The subject material vary from year to year according to research interests in the departments. Students may be expected to contribute to lectures or seminars on selected topics
Permission of the Department.
ELEC5704X (ELG6374X) Advanced Topics in CAD: Signal Integrity in High-Speed Design (Carleton CRN: 15908)
ELEC5704Y (ELG6374Y) Advanced Topics in CAD: Methodologies for Digital RF Design (Carleton CRN: 35918)
ELEC5705X (ELG6375X) Advanced Topics in VLSI: Synthesizer Design (Carleton CRN: 14266)
Permission of the Department.
ELEC5705Y (ELG6375) Advanced Topics in VLSI: CMOS Digital ICs (Carleton CRN: 14267)
Permission of the Department.
ELEC5705Z (ELG6375) Advanced Topics in VLSI: Nonlinear Circuits (Carleton CRN: 15991)
Nonlinear Circuit Design for Data Communications : Analytical techniques suitable for analysis of LNAs, mixers, modulators, demodulators, oscillators, and phase-locked loops. Performance parameters: gain, noise. Examples of transistor circuits in telecom transcievers. Symbolic manipulation programs such as Mathematica and its RF design extension. SPICE and harmonic balance simulators.
Permission of the Department.
ELEC5707 (ELG6377) Microelectronic Sensors (Carleton CRN: 18370)
Fabrication and physical principles of operation of microelectronic sensors. A large variety of sensors will be studied and the basic fabrication methods used in their production reviewed. The devices discussed will include optical sensors, fiber optic sensors, magnetic sensors, temperature sensors and, briefly, chemical sensors.
ELEC5708 (ELG6378) ASICs in telecommunications (Carleton CRN: 33640)
Modern ASIC technologies for Telecom will be introduced. Circuit level building blocks for typical wireline and wireless applications will be overviewed. Both analog and digital circuits will be considered. A topical literature study, circuit level design exercises and take home final exam will be required.
ELEC5709W (ELG6379W) Advanced Topics in Electromagnetics: Photonic Components (Carleton CRN: 14843)
Optical wave propagation in guiding structures and introduction to Coupled-mode theory. Mathematical description and practical implementations will be given for common passive photonic devices used for routing, filtering, and signal processing. The course will cover directional couplers, fused biconical taper couplers and splitters, wavelength filters (using gratings and thin film filters), Mach-Zehnder interferometers, Arrayed waveguide gratings, and dispersion compensators.
ELEC5709X (ELG6379X) Topics in Electromagnetics: Periodic Electromagnetic Structures (Carleton CRN: 16083)
This course focuses on the theory and applications of periodic structures in antenna and microwave engineering. The course presents a unified theoretical apparatus for the analysis of periodic structures. A number of conventional (Frequency Selective Surface) and novel periodic structures (reflectarray, Electromagnetic Band Gap, artificial dielectric) will be addressed in the course.
ELEC5804 (ELG6384) VLSI Design (Carleton CRN: 33641)
An IC design course with a strong emphasis on design methodology, to be followed by 97.585 in the swecond term. The design philosophies considered will include Full Custom design, standard cells, gate-arrays and sea-of-gates using CMOS and BiCMOS technology. State-of-the-art computer-aided design tools are used.
ELEC5808 (ELG6388) Signal Processing Electronics (Carleton CRN: 34634)
CCDs, transversal filters, recursive filters, switched capacitor filters, with particular emphasis on integration of analog signal processing techniques in monolithic MOS ICs. Detailed op amp design in CMOS technology. Implications of nonideal op amp behaviour in filter performance. Basic sampled data concepts.