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Course Offerings

Graduate Level

Not all courses are given in a particular academic year (those not offered in the current academic year are so indicated). The particular selection of courses a student makes as part of his or her program must be approved by the student's supervisor and by the department in which the student is registered. Graduate students may also include a limited number of courses from outside the Institute as part of their program when these are appropriate to their studies, e.g., graduate courses in computer science or mathematics, and when necessary, fourth year undergraduate courses. In this web site only the graduate courses are listed.

Graduate Courses

The Graduate courses offered by OCIECE are listed by Carleton University and University of Ottawa where links are given below.

Carleton University

Electrical and Computer Engineering Courses

University of Ottawa

Electrical and Computer Engineering Master Courses

Electrical and Computer Engineering Doctorate Courses

Graduate students should consider courses numbered 5xxx, 6xxx, or 7xxx.