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In the list below, the department of the member is indicated by:

Aboulnasr, Tyseer (EECS) aboulnas@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Achar, Ram (DOE) achar@doe.carleton.ca
Adams, Carlisle (EECS) cadams@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Adler, Andy (SCE) adler@sce.carleton.ca
Ahmed, Nasir Uddin (EECS) ahmed@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Aitken, Victor C. (SCE) Victor.Aitken@sce.carleton.ca
Ajila, Samuel A. (SCE) Samuel.Ajila@sce.carleton.ca
Albert, Jacques (DOE) jalbert@doe.carleton.ca
Amaya, Rony (DOE) ramaya@doe.carleton.ca
Amyot, Daniel (EECS) damyot@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Anis, Hanan (EECS) hanan@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Arya, Ali (SCE) arya@carleton.ca
Atia, Mohamed (DOE) MohamedAtia@cunet.carleton.ca
Atieh, Ahmed (EECS) aatieh@btisystems.com
Banihashemi, Amir H. (SCE) Amir.Banihashemi@sce.carleton.ca
Barriere, Caroline (EECS) barriere@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Berini, Pierre (EECS) berini@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Bidnyk, Serge (EECS) jpyao@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Bochmann, Gregor V. (EECS) bochmann@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Bolic, Miodrag (EECS) mbolic@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Bouchard, Martin (EECS) bouchard@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Boukerche, Azzedine (EECS) boukerch@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Boyd, Robert (EECS) boydrw@mac.com
Chan, Adrian (SCE) adcchan@sce.carleton.ca
Chaoui, Hicham (DOE) Hicham.Chaoui@carleton.ca
Chinneck, John W. (SCE) John.Chinneck@sce.carleton.ca
Chouinard, Jean-Yves (EECS) chouinar@gel.ulaval.ca
Coll, David (SCE) coll@sce.carleton.ca
Cretu, Ana-Maria (SCE) acretu@sce.carleton.ca
D'Amours, Claude (EECS) damours@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Dajani, Hilmi (EECS) hdajani@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Dansereau, Richard M. (SCE) rdanse@sce.carleton.ca
Darcie, Thomas (EECS) tdarcie@ece.uvic.ca
Delisle, Gilles (EECS) gdelisle@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Ding, Heping (EECS) heping.ding@nrc.ca
Dubois, Eric (EECS) edubois@eecs.uOttawa.ca
El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb (EECS) elsaddik@eecs.uOttawa.ca
El-Tanany, Mohamed (SCE) Mohamed.El-Tanany@sce.carleton.ca
Erol-Kantarci, Melike (EECS) melike.erolkantarci@uottawa.ca
Esfandiari, Babak (SCE) Babak.Esfandiari@sce.carleton.ca
Fahim, Atef (EECS) fahim@genie.uottawa.ca
Falconer, David (SCE) David.Falconer@sce.carleton.ca
Famili, Fazel (EECS) fazel.famili@nrc.gc.ca
Flocchini, Paola (EECS) Paola.Flocchini AT uottawa.ca
Fong, Neric (DOE) nfong@doe.carleton.ca
Franks, R. Gregory (SCE) Greg.Franks@sce.carleton.ca
Frize, Monique (EECS) frize@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Gad, Emad (EECS) egad@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Gauthier, Robert (DOE) gauthier@doe.carleton.ca
Giguere, Christian (EECS) cgiguere@uottawa.ca
Girouard, Audrey (SCE) audrey_girouard@carleton.ca
Goubran, Rafik A. (SCE) Rafik.Goubran@sce.carleton.ca
Green, James R. (SCE) james_green@carleton.ca
Groza, Voicu (EECS) groza@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Gueaieb, Wail (EECS) wgueaieb@site.uOttawa.ca
Gunupudi, Pavan (DOE) pavan@doe.carleton.ca
Gupta, Shulabh (DOE) Shulabh.Gupta@carleton.ca
Hafez, Roshdy H.M. (SCE) Roshdy.Hafez@sce.carleton.ca
Hall, Trevor (EECS) thall@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Harrison, Robert (DOE) rgh@doe.carleton.ca
Hettak, Khelifa (EECS) khelifa.hetak@crc.ca
Hinzer, Karin (EECS) khinzer@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Hosseini, Mojtaba (EECS) hosseini@ca.mtekvision.com
Huang, Changcheng (SCE) huang@sce.carleton.ca
Ibnkahla, Mohamed (SCE) ibnkahla@sce.carleton.ca
Inkpen, Diana (EECS) diana@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Ionescu, Dan (EECS) ionescu@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Japkowicz, Nathalie (EECS) nat@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Jaskolka, Jason (SCE) jaskolka@sce.carleton.ca
Joslin, Chris (SCE) chris_joslin@carleton.ca
Kantarci, Burak (EECS) Burak.Kantarci@uottawa.ca
Karmouch, Ahmed (EECS) karmouch@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Knight, John (DOE) jknight@doe.carleton.ca
Knox, David (EECS) dknox@uottawa.ca
Kunz, Thomas (SCE) Thomas.Kunz@sce.carleton.ca
Kwasniewski, Tadeusz (DOE) tak@doe.carleton.ca
Labiche, Yvan (SCE) yvan.labiche@sce.carleton.ca
Laganiére, Robert (EECS) laganier@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Lambadaris, Ioannis (SCE) Ioannis.Lambadaris@sce.carleton.ca
Lang, Jochen (EECS) jlang@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Lee, WonSook (EECS) wslee@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Lethbridge, Timothy (EECS) tcl@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Liu, Peter Xiaoping (SCE) xpliu@sce.carleton.ca
Liu, Zheng (EECS) zheng.liu@nrc.ca
Loyka, Sergey (EECS) sloyka@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Lu, Zhenguo (EECS) zhenguo.lu@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Lung, Chung-Horng (SCE) chung-horng.lung@sce.carleton.ca
MacEachern, Len (DOE) len@doe.carleton.ca
Mahmoud, Samy A. (SCE) Samy.Mahmoud@sce.carleton.ca
Majumdar, Shikharesh (SCE) majumdar@sce.carleton.ca
Makrakis, Dimitrios (EECS) dimitris@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Mao, Yongyi (EECS) yymao@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Marble, Andrew (SCE) amarble@sce.carleton.ca
Marsland, Ian D. (SCE) ianm@sce.carleton.ca
Mason, Ralph (DOE) rmason@doe.carleton.ca
Matrawy, Ashraf (SCE) amatrawy@sce.carleton.ca
Matwin, Stan (EECS) stan@eecs.uOttawa.ca
McGarry, Steven (DOE) smcgarry@doe.carleton.ca
McNamara, Derek (EECS) mcnamara@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Miri, Ali (EECS) samiri@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Mouftah, Hussein (EECS) mouftah@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Moura, Lucia (EECS) lucia@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Mussivand, Tofy (EECS) tmussivand@ottawaheart.ca
Nakhla, Michel (DOE) msn@doe.carleton.ca
Nayak, Amiya (EECS) anayak@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Ono, Yuu (SCE) yuuono@sce.carleton.ca
Onut, Iosif Viorel (EECS) vioonut@ca.ibm.com
Park, Jeongwon (EECS) jpark2@uottawa.ca
Payeur, Pierre (EECS) ppayeur@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Pearce, Trevor (SCE) Trevor.Pearce@sce.carleton.ca
Petosa, Aldo (DOE) aldo.petosa@crc.ca
Petriu, Dorina C. (SCE) Dorina.Petriu@sce.carleton.ca
Petriu, Emil (EECS) petriu@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Peyton, Liam (EECS) lpeyton@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Plett, Calvin (DOE) cp@doe.carleton.ca
Raahemi, Bijan (EECS) raahemi@management.uOttawa.ca
Rajan, Sreeraman (SCE) sreeramanr@sce.carleton.ca
Rogers, John (DOE) jrogers@doe.carleton.ca
Roy, Langis (DOE) lroy@doe.carleton.ca
Roy, Jasmin (EECS) jasmin.roy@crc.ca
Samaan, Nancy (EECS) nsamaan@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Schriemer, Henry (EECS) hschriem@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Schwartz, Howard M. (SCE) Howard.Schwartz@sce.carleton.ca
Shams, Maitham (DOE) shams@doe.carleton.ca
Shi, Wei (SCE) Wei.Shi@carleton.ca
Shirmohammadi, Shervin (EECS) shervin@mcrlab.uottawa.ca
Smelser, Christopher (DOE) christophersmelser@cunet.carleton.ca
Smy, Tom (DOE) tjs@doe.carleton.ca
St-Hilaire, Marc (SCE) marc_st_hilaire@carleton.ca
Steele, Alan (DOE) asteele@doe.carleton.ca
Stojmenovic, Ivan (EECS) ivan@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Syrett, Barry (DOE) bas@doe.carleton.ca
Szpakowicz, Stan (EECS) szpak@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Szwarc, Valek (DOE) valek.szwarc@crc.ca
Tait, R. Niall (DOE) niall@doe.carleton.ca
Talim, Jérome (SCE) jtalim@sce.carleton.ca
Tanev, Stoyan (SCE) tanev@sce.carleton.ca
Tarr, N. Garry (DOE) ngt@doe.carleton.ca
Tolstikhin, Valery (EECS) vtolstik@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Tran, Thomas (EECS) ttran@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Turcotte, Marcel (EECS) turcotte@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Ukwatta, Eranga (SCE) ukwatta@sce.carleton.ca
Viktor, Herna (EECS) hlviktor@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Vukovic, Alex (EECS) alex.vukovic@crc.gc.ca
Wainer, Gabriel A. (SCE) Gabriel.Wainer@sce.carleton.ca
Wang, Shoujun (DOE) shoujunwang@ieee.org
Wesolkowski, Slawomir (EECS) slawomir.wesolkowski@drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Wight, Jim (DOE) jsw@doe.carleton.ca
Woodside, C. Murray (SCE) Murray.Woodside@sce.carleton.ca
Wu, Yiyan (SCE) yiyan.wu@crc.ca
Wu, Jing (EECS) jing.wu@crc.ca
Yagoub, Mustapha (EECS) myagoub@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Yang, Oliver (EECS) yang@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Yanikomeroglu, Halim (SCE) Halim.Yanikomeroglu@sce.carleton.ca
Yao, Jianping (EECS) jpyao@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Ye, Quibo (DOE) qiubo.ye@crc.ca
Ye, Winnie (DOE) wye@doe.carleton.ca
Yeap, Tet-Hin (EECS) tet@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Yongacoglu, Abbas (EECS) yongacog@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Yu, Fei Richard (SCE) fyu@connect.carleton.ca
Zhang, Qi-Jun (DOE) qjz@doe.carleton.ca
Zhang, Liang (EECS) liang.zhang@crc.ca
Zhao, Jiying (EECS) jyzhao@eecs.uOttawa.ca