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Faculty in Computer and Software Engineering

Adams, Carlisle (EECS) cadams@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Ajila, Samuel A. (SCE) Samuel.Ajila@sce.carleton.ca
Amyot, Daniel (EECS) damyot@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Arya, Ali (SCE) arya@carleton.ca
Atia, Mohamed (DOE) MohamedAtia@cunet.carleton.ca
Bochmann, Gregor V. (EECS) bochmann@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Bolic, Miodrag (EECS) mbolic@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Boukerche, Azzedine (EECS) boukerch@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Chinneck, John W. (SCE) John.Chinneck@sce.carleton.ca
El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb (EECS) elsaddik@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Esfandiari, Babak (SCE) Babak.Esfandiari@sce.carleton.ca
Fahim, Atef (EECS) fahim@genie.uottawa.ca
Franks, R. Gregory (SCE) Greg.Franks@sce.carleton.ca
Groza, Voicu (EECS) groza@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Ionescu, Dan (EECS) ionescu@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Jaskolka, Jason (SCE) jaskolka@sce.carleton.ca
Joslin, Chris (SCE) chris_joslin@carleton.ca
Karmouch, Ahmed (EECS) karmouch@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Kunz, Thomas (SCE) Thomas.Kunz@sce.carleton.ca
Labiche, Yvan (SCE) yvan.labiche@sce.carleton.ca
Lang, Jochen (EECS) jlang@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Lee, WonSook (EECS) wslee@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Lethbridge, Timothy (EECS) tcl@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Lung, Chung-Horng (SCE) chung-horng.lung@sce.carleton.ca
Majumdar, Shikharesh (SCE) majumdar@sce.carleton.ca
Matrawy, Ashraf (SCE) amatrawy@sce.carleton.ca
Miri, Ali (EECS) samiri@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Moura, Lucia (EECS) lucia@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Nayak, Amiya (EECS) anayak@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Pearce, Trevor (SCE) Trevor.Pearce@sce.carleton.ca
Petriu, Dorina C. (SCE) Dorina.Petriu@sce.carleton.ca
Peyton, Liam (EECS) lpeyton@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Shirmohammadi, Shervin (SCE) shervin@mcrlab.uottawa.ca
Tanev, Stoyan (SCE) tanev@sce.carleton.ca
Tran, Thomas (EECS) ttran@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Viktor, Herna (EECS) hlviktor@eecs.uOttawa.ca
Wainer, Gabriel A. (SCE) Gabriel.Wainer@sce.carleton.ca
Woodside, C. Murray (SCE) Murray.Woodside@sce.carleton.ca

Other Research Areas